next … 2024?

  • next ... 2024?

this whole planet
just sucks to hell
we'll have to find a way

to satisfy your greed

how long we'll have to wait?
'til brainless dude will get it

let's rot
let's rot
i feel it's time
let's rot
to smash your pride
let's rot
let's get rid of you

there're still people
to cure the world
of all that human cancer

with love and peace
and true respect
for all that crawls an breathes

you breathe my air
you're fucking everywhere
my shame, your pride
your fucking alibis

hate me - my friend
I hate you till the end
hate me - lickspit
all I hear - just bullshit

your face - disgrace
get the fuck out of here
my rage, my hate
too much to contain

hate me - my friend
I hate you till the end
hate me - lickspit
all I hear - just bullshit

just hatred in this world
what did you learn?
play the main part of it
reap what you sow

hate me
you fucking hate me
I fucking hate you
'cos I'm alive

your friends - just mercs
no one can stand your mind
you have to pay
for those who follow you

through endless pain
all skulls and bones

break through
bones and blood
prevent us
or be crushed
no mercy
with enemys
only chance
get to your knees

it's our pride
bloody pride
endless pride
it's our pride

enemy lines
to save your souls

but there's no chance
but it's too late
die by my sword
feel the pain
life was short

once we were good friends
that's what I thought
but you became
bigger than us
I tried
to show you
a better way
but you refused
as expected

charakter depraved
but no surprise
real friends predicted
or always knew

knew that there's no honesty
only your greed for more power and might
knew that there's no loyalty
greed for more power and might

I can be so glad
I witnessed when you became
the best man of the world
and no one can
ever reach again
your sham, your void, your greatness

almost 50 years ago
the rotten dudes were born
we took the right path
to rot eternally

metal gods
we are fucking metal gods

gods will never disappoint
let's see what still in there
thanks you joined our ride
through fun and honesty

humans can be kind
humans can be nice
humans can create
humans can behave

(we're) the best creatures
of mother earth
the rest is here to serve
the rest has to obey

the only thing that counts
the only thing is us

flipside of mankind
rape what's left to ruin
where are the saviours
to get us back on track

poisened oceans
air pollution
life extinction

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